[ D.O.P, Sound Postproduction ]
Filming, Editing and Audio Postproduction was all done in less than one week in Italy during the Cinemadamare Filmfestival.
I stood in as a D.O.P. and did the Sound postproduction.

Full credits:
Filmed in Milan, Italy, for the Cinemadamare Travelling Film Festival.
Directed by: Gabriel Santos & Grace Viccary
Written By: Sergio Cutrona
Director of Photography: Arno De Facq
sound: Arno De Facq
Edited by: Gabriel Santos
Production Designer: Maxwell Mahan
1st AD: Daniela Gutierrez
1st AC: Sienna Aiello
2nd AC: Emma Younan
Girlfriend: Grace Viccary
Lover: Cristian Moriconi

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